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Engines for smart investors



Are you a smart investor, one who values total cost of ownership and prime service for a premium product? Well then, you are at the right place with Yanmar. Our secret for Smart Investors is not only about buying new engines, but especially about ensuring their business’ future needs.


Let us unveil few elements of the secret through our customers. They are the smart investors recognising the value.


  • Stage 5 ready

    • Operate the wheel loader everywhere, relax it complies
  • Lower fuel consumption

    • Reduced fuel costs resulting in profit maximization over the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Maintenance free

    • Drastically reduced total cost of ownership due to maintenance free DPF filter for 6000 running hours. No need to stop, to regenerate, seamless reconditioning, no struggle, no worry
  • No downtime

    • Highly reliable machine makes highly reliable operator
  • Super compact design & High power

    • Ideal for simplified installation or where space is already tight


  • Stage 5 ready

    • Planning security in the development process thanks to reliable and well-proven components
  • Lower fuel consumption

    • Important sales argument used by the manufacturer underpinning the image of being a producer of very fuel efficient machines
  • Maintenance free

    • No change of DPF filter results in stocking, handling & shipping less components and spare parts
  • No downtime

    • Highly reliable engine makes highly reliable machine
  • Super compact design & High power

    • Smart Installation of all components can be realised




  • Stage 5 Ready
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Higher Power Density
  • Compactness to Offer More Space
  • No Scheduled Maintenance DPF for Min 6000 hours



Yanmar is not a just a producer of diesel engines. The Yanmar service model and products ensure value for money for purchasers, contractors and engineers alike. Buying an engine means embarking on a long-term investment. A wise investment means not just looking at the purchase price, but also being able to assess the overall lifetime costs. Smart investors understand this.


We promise, we deliver

At Yanmar we appreciate that our engine is your tool for producing solid business results. That is why we stand by our claim to deliver the most value for the money. In comparison with engine quality and price, we offer our customers the best total price on the market today. Naturally, all our engines meet with the most strict standards and regulations. We would not have it any other way.


With an eye to the future

In 2019 Stage V emissions regulations will take effect. This is forcing purchasers, contractors and engineers to look ahead. To seek out the best total cost of ownership. Determine the best moment to invest. It is time to take a solid ‘nuts & bolts’ look at what total cost of ownership really entails. It goes deeper than just the purchase price. It also includes service availability, installation and maintenance costs, downtime maintenance, lifecycle costs and disposal.


It’s all in the timing

Timing is essential to investors. A big question remains: How long will I have to wait for my investment? Engine companies and their engineering staff have to be ready to meet the new regulations in 2019. They will have to look at production timelines versus engine availability. At whether the new regulations will affect the business capacity for their investors. When the various elements are reviewed thoroughly and production is timed out just right, companies have a better chance at success.


Smart investors

Yanmar customers know the drill. They know what it takes to secure a solid asset, and they know a good investment when they see it. At Yanmar we treat our customers like business partners. We make sure that we provide them with the right information at the right time. Help them to make the best choices, so that they are regulation ready in 2018/2019. Our high-quality engines might have a higher initial price tag, but the total cost of ownership is comparatively low. Smart investors understand what the purchase of a high-quality engine entails. That is why smart investors come to Yanmar.

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