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  • Where can I buy Yanmar products or Spare Parts?
  • You can buy Yanmar products or spare parts from a widespread network all over the world. Please contact your local Yanmar distributor.

  • Where can I find help if I have a question about or a problem with a product?
  • Technical support is best provided by your local Yanmar dealer. There are Yanmar dealers all over the world. Please contact the nearest distributor. They will be able to provide you with the best support. Or fill in this form, we will get back to you with an answer.

  • Where can I find product brochures?
  • All available product related brochures can be downloaded on the related product page.

  • Where can I apply for a job at Yanmar?
  • Please visit our jobs page, or send an open application via this form.

  • Where can I find the engine model of my Yanmar engine?
  • On the engine rocker arm cover is a metal data plate giving engine model + serial number.
  • Can I use bio-diesel, kerosine, or heating oil in the engine?
  • Bio-diesel is allowed until B7 (=7% bio-fuel content). Kerosine, heating oil or fuels different than EN590 fuel specification may damage the fuel system.
  • Is there a 'hot-line' where I can get answers to my questions related to my Yanmar diesel engine?
  • No, Yanmar Europe does not have a 'hot-line'. Please contact the Yanmar distributor in your country.
  • Where can I find prices on this website?
  • We do not show prices on the website. Please contact the Yanmar distributor in your country for prices of our products.