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Genuine Yanmar parts

Yanmar engines are made for today, with tomorrow in mind. Designed to last, manufactured from first class materials, delivering top performance: at Yanmar everything evolves around quality, including Yanmar Genuine Parts. True to our company’s values, we keep sustainability at the forefront of our thinking and acting. That is how our innovative efforts have been recognised by our customers as a manufacturer of products of exceptional quality and durability.

High-quality products cannot exist without high-quality parts and services. The two are inseparable and indispensable. Every component of your Yanmar engine is the product of an incredible amount of ingenuity. That is why Yanmar Genuine Parts are essential to retain the best quality and performance for your Yanmar engine.
Only Yanmar Genuine Parts meet the highest standards to which your Yanmar engine is manufactured. And so by using Yanmar Genuine Parts at all times, you can rest assured that your engine’s performance will be in line with the original standards – even after the engine warranty period.

Genuine Yanmar parts guarantee safety and warranty  

When your engine or machine leaves our factory, we know it comes to you in well-recognised YANMAR quality. The reason is plain: we only use superior materials and exacting manufacturing processes. This is the YANMAR way. We offer a trouble-free, long-life of YANMAR engines. Why would you jeopardize safety or risk incurring expensive repairs by fitting other than YANMAR parts? Just think twice. Only by using genuine YANMAR you are assured that your engine will maintain peak performance and remain in good condition. And, what’s more, you might also jeopardize manufacturer’s warranty and cause yourself problems, should you need to make an insurance claim.

Easy ordering of genuine parts

You can order genuine Yanmar parts from our international network of skilled and authorized dealers and distributors, trained to look after your engine in the best possible way. Most genuine parts are available from stocks. Should parts need to be ordered, the orders from our centralised European stock are shipped out the same day. If you are unsure which parts you require, contact the Yanmar distributor with the model and serial number of your engine.

Genuine parts - the safest way to high performance.

Complete parts portfolio

Yanmar maintains a complete spare parts portfolio for all current and many previous engine models. Detailed information is digitally available to YANMAR distributor and dealer. Yanmar support is far more than just the development and manufacture of products. We support you through the entire life cycle of your Yanmar product.  

If you have questions or other requests, please connect with us or contact us via our contact sheet.